Team NeMeSis, NMS Labs Dragonboat team, September 2019

For the team at NMS Labs, September brings one of the most exciting days of the year: race day.  Dragon Boat racing, to be exact.  Team NeMeSis, the Dragon Boat team for NMS Labs, participated in the annual Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival on September 21st and it is with great excitement that NMS Labs congratulates the team on a Silver medal in the B Major Community Division.

The Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival is an annual festival offering a family-friendly event of fun, culture and competition with the overarching goal of “paddling out hunger” in the region.  The charity has raised over $180,000 worth of food to those in need in the Bucks County community, according to the organization’s website.  

Dragon Boat racing is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports. In a traditional race, boats are decorated with a dragon head and tail. A typical boat has 20 rowers, 1 drummer and 1 steersman working together with precise timing and technique. Dragon Boat racing offers a fun activity for all employees to participate. To perfect their teamwork, NeMeSis began practices for race day during the summer months.

“We are passionate and compassionate, we are charitable, we are winners, we are a winning team and we have a winning team spirit here at NMS Labs,” said Dr. Michael Rieders, Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

NeMeSis is sponsored by the NMS Labs’ Activiteam and the Rieders family. The team was founded and coached by Peggy Beamer, Director of Quality Assurance, who won seven international gold medals as a member of Team USA earlier this year. “I am so proud of team NeMeSis and all the employees who have supported dragonboating over the last 5 years.  They have demonstrated true team spirit, a willingness to participate in a competitive sport and company pride.  It has been a pleasure to mentor and coach this group,” she said.