Press Releases

9/22/15 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Testing Helps to Enforce DEA Control of Synthetic Marijuana

7/16/15 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Earns Prestigious International Accreditation from the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB)

6/11/15 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Reports Updated Synthetic Cannabinoids Panel Leads to Higher Positivity Rates

5/20/15 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Hosts a Webinar Highlighting the New Flakka Trend

1/27/15 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Recognizes an Increase in Heroin and Fentanyl Use

12/18/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs and Sponsor Update of 50 States DUI Law Compilation

12/2/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Selects RapidHIT® Platform to Deliver DNA Results in Record Time

11/19/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Dr. Christian Westring is appointed to NIST’s Organization for Scientific Area Committees

10/1/14 (Press Release)
New Article highlights a more Effective Method for Analyzing Sexual Assault Evidence

9/16/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Announces Crucial New Tool for Impaired Driving Investigation

6/27/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Dr. Barry Logan Appointed to NIST Forensic Science Standards Board

6/26/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Launches Testing Solution to Detect Pyrrolidinophenones, a New Group of Designer Drugs

6/17/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Welcomes Jack Wright as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

6/12/14 (Press Release)
Robin Freeman is named the New General Manager of IFL

4/3/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Launches Testing Solution to Detect NBOMes, a Deadly Next Generation Designer Drug

2/4/14 (Press Release)
New Publication Highlights the Human Health Risks and Impairing Effects of Synthetic Cannabinoid Drugs

1/29/14 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Announces its Highly Specific Plasma Catecholamines Test by 2D-LC-MS/MS

11/26/13 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Statement on Yohe Decision – Right to Confrontation

11/20/13 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Appoints Pierre Cassigneul Chief Executive Officer

10/3/13 (Press Release)
NMS Labs Offers Genotype tests for Tramadol, Oxycodone and Codeine

9/11/13 (Press Release)
Cold Murder Case solutions group recognizes Dr. Rieders for decades of service to Vidocq Society and Forensic Science

8/1/13 (Press Release)
Dr. Barry Logan of NMS Labs Receives Prestigious International Award for Traffic Safety Research

7/30/13 (Press Release)
NMS Labs releases most recent designer drug trending data: 38% positivity rate reflects presence of emerging “Bath Salts”

6/28/13 (Press Release)
NMS Labs offers testing for acetyl fentanyl in response to CDC Health Advisory

3/27/13 (Press Release) fills information void as nation’s first centralized resource for legislators, law enforcement and the medical community

2/19/13 (Press Release)
AAFS Recognizes Award-Winning Forensic Toxicologists of NMS Labs

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