Postmortem Ketoacidosis Testing
NMS Labs now offers a ketoacidosis test for postmortem cases in which the cause of death is undeterm ... [more]

Genotype Tests for Pain Management
NMS Labs now offers genotype testing for CYP2D6 to determine metabolizer status for tramadol, oxycod ... [more]

Designer Drugs Keep Changing; We Keep Adapting
New tests, new compounds, new metabolites...NMS Labs is keeping up with the illicit designer drug ma ... [more]

New Bath Salts: Popular, Deadly and Now Detectable
Alpha-PVP, Pentedrone and DMAA have been added to NMS Labs most popular bath salts test.

TDM Test Now Available for the Chemotherapeutic Agent 5-Fluorouracil
NMS Labs launches another unique anti-cancer test suitable for evaluation of efficacy vs. toxicity

New Endocrinology and Vitamin Tests
1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D and Vitamin K now available from NMS Labs.

Performance Enhancing Drugs: The Unfair Advantage
NMS Labs offers testing for substances prohibited in and out of competition.

Everything You Need to Know About Designer Drugs
NMS Labs fills a knowledge gap with the launch of, the nation's first central ... [more]

New and Improved Diuretics Screen
At no added cost, NMS Labs now offers a new and improved diuretics screen to better aid in abuse det ... [more]

Psilocin & DMAA Individual Tests
When you are certain of the substance you need to test for, you can now order a standalone test with ... [more]

The Next Generation of Synthetic Cannabinoids Has Arrived
NMS Labs offers the newest test available to help corroborate your assessments and use in prosecutio ... [more]