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NMS Labs is the leading independent provider of esoteric toxicology and diagnostic testing.  We are proud to be an innovation company and are pleased to announce some of the latest additions to our extensive test menu.

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The Only Reliable Way to Monitor Patient Compliance of Suboxone
(Learn more

The Next Generation of Designer Drugs Has Arrived
(Learn more

Pre-Pregnancy vs. TDM Testing for Leflunomide & Teriflunomide
(Learn more

Catecholamines in Plasma by 2D-LC-MS/MS
(Learn more

Postmortem Ketoacidosis Testing
(Learn more

Genotype Tests for Pain Management
(Learn more)

New Designer Drugs; New Tests
(Learn more)
DD Update Sept 2013 thumbnail.jpg

New Bath Salts are Now Detectable
(Learn more)

New Anti-Cancer TDM Test
(Learn more)

New Endocrinology and Vitamin Tests
(Learn more)

Performance Enhancing Drugs
(Learn more)
(Learn more)

New and Improved Diuretics Screen
(Learn more)

Psilocin & DMAA Individual Tests
(Learn more)

Next Generation Synthetic Cannabinoids
(Learn more)

Reliable Therapeutic Monitoring
(Learn more)

We've Added a New Player to our Antiepileptic/Anticonvulsant Lineup (Learn more)

Fake weed.
Real Solutions.
(Learn more)

“Bath Salts” Mephedrone & MDPV Now Detected in One Test
(Learn more)

Occupational Medicine Clinics:  What's Missing From Your Test Portfolio?
(Learn more)

Let NMS Labs help you keep up with the ever-evolving abused drug trends
(Learn more - Steroids; Hallucinogens)

Chromium and Cobalt testing in support of metal implant exposure
(Learn more)

ID of Federally Scheduled Synthetic Marijuana(Learn more)

MDPV, Mephedrone ("Bath Salts")
(Learn more)
bath salts postcard for web.jpg

Anti-Cancer Drug Testing for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
(Learn more)
anticancer TDM postcard.jpg

Synthetic Cannabinoid Metabolites in Urine
(Learn more)
K2 urine postcard.jpg

Oil Spill-Related Environmental Exposures and Testing
(Learn more)
Oil Spill postcard_Page_1.jpg

Bisphenol-A (BPA)
(Learn more)
BPA postcard_for web.jpg

Controlled Substances & Pharmaceuticals Identification
(Learn more)
Drug ID postcard for website.jpg

Pain Management
(Learn more)
Pain mgmt postcard.jpg

Drug Impaired Driving/DRE Toxicology
(Learn more)
DRE postcard.jpg

Lacosamide, Rufinamide, Stiripentol
(Learn more)
Antiepileptics postcard_Page_1.jpg

Salvinorin A Identification (Learn more)
(Also in blood, plasma, urine)
Sal A ID postcard_Page_1.jpg

Anticoagulant Poisoning Panel (More)
(Now also available in blood and tissue)
Anticoagulant Poisoning Panel postcard_Page_1.jpg

Condition-Specific Endocrinology Panels
(Learn more)
Endo Condition-Specific Panels postcard_Page_1.jpg

Endocrinology Tests
(Learn more)
Endo Doubled our Menu postcard_Page_1.jpg

Vitamin B3 Niacin
(Learn more)
3131SP Vitamin B3 Niacin postcard_Page_1.jpg


A complete list of new tests can be found here.

Leading the way in the development of new, hard-to-find test, NMS Labs is here to assist you in complementing your testing portfolio.

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