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Analysis Code Test Name
2358U 1-Hydroxypyrene, Urine
2053U 2-Butoxyethanol Occupational Exposure Monitoring, Urine
2302U Aromatic Solvent Metabolites Panel 1, Urine
2111B Baclofen, Blood
2111FL Baclofen, Fluid
2111SP Baclofen, Serum/Plasma
2111U Baclofen, Urine
2626B Bath Salts Panel, Blood
2626SP Bath Salts Panel, Serum/Plasma
2626U Bath Salts Panel, Urine
2528B Desloratadine, Blood
2528U Desloratadine, Urine
2915U Dextro / Levo Methorphan - Total, Urine
2915B Dextro/Levo Methorphan, Blood
2915SP Dextro/Levo Methorphan, Serum/Plasma
2915TI Dextro/Levo Methorphan, Tissue
2917U Dextromethorphan and Metabolite Ratio - Total, Urine
2506B Dextrorphan / Levorphanol Screen, Blood
2506SP Dextrorphan / Levorphanol Screen, Serum/Plasma
2022SP Eplerenone, Serum/Plasma
2000B Ethosuximide, Blood
2000SP Ethosuximide, Serum/Plasma
2000U Ethosuximide, Urine
2010B Ethotoin, Blood
2010SP Ethotoin, Serum/Plasma
2020B Ethyl Acetate, Blood
2020SP Ethyl Acetate, Serum/Plasma
2081U Ethyl Glucuronide, Urine
2029U Ethylbenzene Exposure Biouptake, Urine
2030B Ethylbenzene, Blood
2055SP Ethylene Glycol Overexposure Profile, Serum/Plasma
2062B Ethylene Glycol, Blood
2062FL Ethylene Glycol, Fluid
2062SP Ethylene Glycol, Serum/Plasma
2062TI Ethylene Glycol, Tissue
2062U Ethylene Glycol, Urine
2064SP Ethylmorphine, Serum/Plasma
2067B Etodolac, Blood
2067SP Etodolac, Serum/Plasma
2067U Etodolac, Urine
2063B Etomidate, Blood
2063P Etomidate, Plasma
2066B Everolimus, Blood
2076SP Famciclovir as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2068B Famotidine, Blood
2068SP Famotidine, Serum/Plasma
2069B Felbamate, Blood
2069SP Felbamate, Serum/Plasma
2082SP Fenoprofen, Serum/Plasma
2079B Fentanyl and Metabolite, Blood
2079FL Fentanyl and Metabolite, Fluid
2079SP Fentanyl and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2079TI Fentanyl and Metabolite, Tissue
2079U Fentanyl and Metabolite, Urine
2073B Fexofenadine, Blood
2073SP Fexofenadine, Serum/Plasma
2088B Flecainide, Blood
2088SP Flecainide, Serum/Plasma
2088U Flecainide, Urine
2089B Fluconazole, Blood
2089SP Fluconazole, Serum/Plasma
2085SP Flucytosine, Serum/Plasma
2092B Fluoride Preservative Determination, Blood
2090LI Fluoride Preservative Determination, Liquid
2090SP Fluoride, Serum/Plasma
2090U Fluoride, Urine
2100B Fluorocarbon 113, Blood
2100TI Fluorocarbon 113, Tissue
2105B Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Blood
2105FL Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Fluid
2105SP Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2105TI Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Tissue
2105U Fluoxetine and Metabolite, Urine
2110B Fluphenazine, Blood
2115SP Fluphenazine, Serum/Plasma
2120B Flurazepam and Metabolites, Blood
2120SP Flurazepam and Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
2120U Flurazepam as Metabolites, Urine
2095SP Flurbiprofen, Serum/Plasma
2095U Flurbiprofen, Urine
2124B Fluvoxamine, Blood
2124FL Fluvoxamine, Fluid
2124SP Fluvoxamine, Serum/Plasma
2124U Fluvoxamine, Urine
2134SP Formic Acid, Serum/Plasma
2134U Formic Acid, Urine
2136B Fosphenytoin, Blood
2136SP Fosphenytoin, Serum/Plasma
2140B Furosemide, Blood
2140SP Furosemide, Serum/Plasma
2140U Furosemide, Urine
2143B Gabapentin, Blood
2143SP Gabapentin, Serum/Plasma
2143U Gabapentin, Urine
2148B Galantamine, Blood
2148SP Galantamine, Serum/Plasma
2150B Gallium, Blood
2150SP Gallium, Serum/Plasma
2150U Gallium, Urine
2162B Ganciclovir, Blood
2154SP Ganciclovir, Serum/Plasma
2154U Ganciclovir, Urine
2156B Germanium, Blood
2156R Germanium, RBCs
2156SP Germanium, Serum/Plasma
2156U Germanium, Urine
2159B Glimepiride, Blood
2159SP Glimepiride, Serum/Plasma
2158SP Glipizide, Serum/Plasma
2164FL Glucose (Vitreous), Fluid (Forensic)
2160B Glutethimide, Blood
2160SP Glutethimide, Serum/Plasma
2163SP Glyburide, Serum/Plasma
2165B Glycols Panel, Blood
2165FL Glycols Panel, Fluid
2165LI Glycols Panel, Liquid
2165SP Glycols Panel, Serum/Plasma
2165TI Glycols Panel, Tissue
2165U Glycols Panel, Urine
2171B Gold, Blood
2171SP Gold, Serum/Plasma
2171U Gold, Urine
2180SP Griseofulvin, Serum/Plasma
2185B Guaifenesin, Blood
2185SP Guaifenesin, Serum/Plasma
2185U Guaifenesin, Urine
2186B Guanfacine, Blood
2186SP Guanfacine, Serum/Plasma
2186U Guanfacine, Urine
2198SP Halazepam as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2212B Halocarbons Panel, Blood
2220B Haloperidol, Blood
2220SP Haloperidol, Serum/Plasma
2220TI Haloperidol, Tissue
2260SP Heptachlor and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2270B Heptane, n-, Blood
2270SP Heptane, n-, Serum/Plasma
2278B Herbicides Panel 2, Blood
2278SP Herbicides Panel 2, Serum/Plasma
2278U Herbicides Panel 2, Urine
2276B Heroin Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
2276SP Heroin Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
2276U Heroin Metabolites - Free (Unconjugated), Urine
2280U Hexacarbon Exposure Profile, Urine
2283B Hexachlorobenzene, Blood
2283SP Hexachlorobenzene, Serum/Plasma
2290B Hexane, n-, Blood
2290SP Hexane, n-, Serum/Plasma
2291U Hexanol, 1 and 2-, Urine
2306U Hippuric Acid and Methylhippuric Acid, Urine
2300U Hippuric Acid, Urine
2308SP Hydralazine, Serum/Plasma
2321B Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Blood
2321FL Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Fluid
2321TI Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Tissue
2321U Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Volatiles Panel, Urine
2330B Hydrochlorothiazide, Blood
2330SP Hydrochlorothiazide, Serum/Plasma
2330U Hydrochlorothiazide, Urine
2340B Hydrocodone - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
2340FL Hydrocodone - Free (Unconjugated), Fluid
2340SP Hydrocodone - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
2345B Hydroflumethiazide, Blood
2345SP Hydroflumethiazide, Serum/Plasma
2362B Hydroxychloroquine, Blood
2362FL Hydroxychloroquine, Fluid
2362SP Hydroxychloroquine, Serum/Plasma
2362TI Hydroxychloroquine, Tissue
2362U Hydroxychloroquine, Urine
2365B Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Blood
2365FL Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Fluid
2365SP Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2365U Hydroxyzine and Metabolite, Urine
2369B Hyoscyamine, Blood
2369SP Hyoscyamine, Serum/Plasma
2369U Hyoscyamine, Urine
2390B Ibuprofen, Blood
2390FL Ibuprofen, Fluid
2390SP Ibuprofen, Serum/Plasma
2390U Ibuprofen, Urine
2395B Iloperidone, Blood
2395SP Iloperidone, Serum/Plasma
2400B Imipramine and Metabolite, Blood
2400SP Imipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2400U Imipramine and Metabolite, Urine
2397SP Indapamide, Serum/Plasma
2406B Indium, Blood
2406R Indium, RBCs
2406SP Indium, Serum/Plasma
2406U Indium, Urine
2410B Indomethacin, Blood
2410SP Indomethacin, Serum/Plasma
2410U Indomethacin, Urine
2417B Inhalant Intoxicants Profile, Blood
2412TI Inhalants - Abused Gases, Tissue
2416U Inhalants Metabolites Panel, Urine
2412B Inhalants Panel, Abused Gases, Blood
2421B Inhalants Panel, Anesthetics, Blood
2423B Inhalants Panel, Blood
2415B Inhalants Panel, Blood
2414B Inhalants Panel, Halocarbons, Blood
2414TI Inhalants Panel, Halocarbons, Tissue
2413B Inhalants Panel, Solvents and Gases, Blood
2411B Inhalants Panel, Solvents, Blood
2411TI Inhalants Panel, Solvents, Tissue
2411U Inhalants Panel, Solvents, Urine
2428U Iodine - Total, Urine
2428SP Iodine, Serum/Plasma
2425B Ipecac Use Markers Screen, Blood
2425FL Ipecac Use Markers Screen, Fluid
2425SP Ipecac Use Markers Screen, Serum/Plasma
2425U Ipecac Use Markers Screen, Urine
2430UH Iron, 24 Hour Urine
2430B Iron, Blood
2430SP Iron, Serum/Plasma
2430U Iron, Urine
2457SP Isavuconazole, Serum/Plasma
2436SP Isobutanol, Serum/Plasma
2437B Isoflurane, Blood
2440SP Isoniazid, Serum/Plasma
2445B Isopropanol and Acetone, Blood
2445SP Isopropanol and Acetone, Serum/Plasma
2445U Isopropanol and Acetone, Urine
2450B Isopropyl Ether, Blood
2450SP Isopropyl Ether, Serum/Plasma
2456SP Isotretinoin (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
2460B Itraconazole, Blood
2460SP Itraconazole, Serum/Plasma
2479B Ketamine and Metabolite, Blood
2479FL Ketamine and Metabolite, Fluid
2479SP Ketamine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2479TI Ketamine and Metabolite, Tissue
2479U Ketamine and Metabolite, Urine
2485B Ketoconazole, Blood
2485SP Ketoconazole, Serum/Plasma
2480SP Ketone Bodies Panel, Serum/Plasma
2481B Ketone Panel, Blood
2481FL Ketone Panel, Fluid
2481SP Ketone Panel, Serum/Plasma
2481U Ketone Panel, Urine
2486B Ketoprofen, Blood
2486SP Ketoprofen, Serum/Plasma
2482B Ketorolac, Blood
2482SP Ketorolac, Serum/Plasma
2482U Ketorolac, Urine
2488B Labetalol, Blood
2488FL Labetalol, Fluid
2488SP Labetalol, Serum/Plasma
2527B Lacosamide, Blood
2527FL Lacosamide, Fluid
2527SP Lacosamide, Serum/Plasma
2527U Lacosamide, Urine
2484B Lamotrigine, Blood
2484SP Lamotrigine, Serum/Plasma
2484U Lamotrigine, Urine
2499U Laxatives Panel (Qualitative), Urine
2490B Lead and ZPP, Blood
2492UH Lead, 24 Hour Urine
2492B Lead, Blood
2492FL Lead, Fluid
2492H Lead, Hair
2492LI Lead, Liquid
2494B Lead, Micro and EP (Pediatric), Blood
2492N Lead, Nails
2492R Lead, RBCs
2492SP Lead, Serum/Plasma
2492SL Lead, Solid
2492TI Lead, Tissue
2492U Lead, Urine
2532B Leflunomide as Metabolite (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Blood
2532SP Leflunomide as Metabolite (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Serum/Plasma
2531B Leflunomide as Metabolite (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), Blood
2531SP Leflunomide as Metabolite (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), Serum/Plasma
2501B Levamisole, Blood
2501SP Levamisole, Serum/Plasma
2501U Levamisole, Urine
2505B Levetiracetam, Blood
2505SP Levetiracetam, Serum/Plasma
2517B Levocetirizine, Blood
2517SP Levocetirizine, Serum/Plasma
2504SP Levodopa, Serum/Plasma
2512B Lidocaine and Metabolite (MEGX), Blood
2512FL Lidocaine and Metabolite (MEGX), Fluid
2512SP Lidocaine and Metabolite (MEGX), Serum/Plasma
2512TI Lidocaine and Metabolite (MEGX), Tissue
2512U Lidocaine and Metabolite (MEGX), Urine
2511SP Lidocaine, Serum/Plasma
2516B Lindane, Blood
2516SP Lindane, Serum/Plasma
2800B Lisdexamfetamine as Metabolite, Blood
2800SP Lisdexamfetamine as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2800U Lisdexamfetamine as Metabolite, Urine
2520B Lithium, Blood
2520FL Lithium, Fluid
2520R Lithium, RBCs
2520SP Lithium, Serum/Plasma
2520TI Lithium, Tissue
2520U Lithium, Urine
2533B Loperamide and Metabolite, Blood
2533SP Loperamide and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2525B Loratadine and Metabolite, Blood
2525SP Loratadine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2525U Loratadine and Metabolite, Urine
2535B Lorazepam, Blood
2535FL Lorazepam, Fluid
2535SP Lorazepam, Serum/Plasma
2535U Lorazepam, Urine
2538B Loxapine, Blood
2538SP Loxapine, Serum/Plasma
2541B LSD Screen, Blood
2541SP LSD Screen, Serum/Plasma
2541U LSD Screen, Urine
2540B LSD Trace Analysis, Blood
2540SP LSD Trace Analysis, Serum/Plasma
2540U LSD Trace Analysis, Urine
2543B Lurasidone, Blood
2543SP Lurasidone, Serum/Plasma
2551B Magnesium - Total, Blood
2551FL Magnesium - Total, Fluid
2551H Magnesium - Total, Hair
2551R Magnesium - Total, RBCs
2551SP Magnesium - Total, Serum/Plasma
2551ST Magnesium - Total, Stool
2551U Magnesium - Total, Urine
2570B Manganese, Blood
2570FL Manganese, Fluid
2570H Manganese, Hair
2570LI Manganese, Liquid
2570N Manganese, Nails
2570R Manganese, RBCs
2570SP Manganese, Serum/Plasma
2570TI Manganese, Tissue
2570U Manganese, Urine
2573B Maprotiline, Blood
2573SP Maprotiline, Serum/Plasma
2573U Maprotiline, Urine
2590B Meclizine, Blood
2590SP Meclizine, Serum/Plasma
2595B Mefloquine, Blood
2595SP Mefloquine, Serum/Plasma
2604B Melatonin, Blood
2604SP Melatonin, Serum/Plasma
2604U Melatonin, Urine
2581B Memantine, Blood
2581SP Memantine, Serum/Plasma
2605B Menthol, Blood
2605SP Menthol, Serum/Plasma
2610B Meperidine and Metabolite, Blood
2610SP Meperidine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2610U Meperidine and Metabolite, Urine
2620SP Mephenytoin and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2630B Mephobarbital and Metabolite, Blood
2630SP Mephobarbital and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2640B Mepivacaine, Blood
2640SP Mepivacaine, Serum/Plasma
2650B Meprobamate, Blood
2650SP Meprobamate, Serum/Plasma
2650U Meprobamate, Urine
2665B Mercaptopurine and Metabolites, Blood
2670UH Mercury, 24 Hour Urine
2670B Mercury, Blood
2670FL Mercury, Fluid
2670H Mercury, Hair
2670LI Mercury, Liquid
2670N Mercury, Nails
2670R Mercury, RBCs
2670SP Mercury, Serum/Plasma
2670SL Mercury, Solid
2670TI Mercury, Tissue
2670U Mercury, Urine
2680B Mescaline Screen, Blood
2680SP Mescaline Screen, Serum/Plasma
2680U Mescaline Screen, Urine
2679B Mescaline, Blood
2679SP Mescaline, Serum/Plasma
2679U Mescaline, Urine
2689SP Mesoridazine, Serum/Plasma
2664UH Metals Panel 4 (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), 24 Hour Urine
2664U Metals Panel 4 (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), Urine
2693B Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Blood
2693FL Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Fluid
2693H Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Hair
2693R Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, RBCs
2693SP Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Serum/Plasma
2693TI Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Tissue
2693U Metals/Metalloids Acute Poisoning Panel, Urine
2661B Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Blood
2661H Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Hair
2661N Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Nails
2661SP Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Serum/Plasma
2661U Metals/Metalloids Panel 1, Urine
2662B Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Blood
2662H Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Hair
2662N Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Nails
2662SP Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Serum/Plasma
2662U Metals/Metalloids Panel 2, Urine
2663B Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Blood
2663H Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Hair
2663N Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Nails
2663SP Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Serum/Plasma
2663U Metals/Metalloids Panel 3, Urine
2720B Metaxalone, Blood
2720SP Metaxalone, Serum/Plasma
2720U Metaxalone, Urine
2740B Metformin, Blood
2740FL Metformin, Fluid
2740SP Metformin, Serum/Plasma
2740U Metformin, Urine
2760ME Methadone and Metabolite (Qualitative), Meconium
2810B Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Blood
2810FL Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Fluid
2810SP Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2810U Methamphetamine and Metabolite, Urine
2820B Methane, Blood
2836U Methanol Exposure Profile, Urine
2837SP Methanol Poisoning Profile, Serum/Plasma
2834B Methanol, Blood
2835B Methanol, Blood
2835FL Methanol, Fluid
2835SP Methanol, Serum/Plasma
2834SP Methanol, Serum/Plasma
2834U Methanol, Urine
2835U Methanol, Urine
2840SP Methapyrilene, Serum/Plasma
2849B Methaqualone, Blood
2849SP Methaqualone, Serum/Plasma
2849U Methaqualone, Urine
2860B Metharbital and Metabolite, Blood
2860SP Metharbital and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2860U Metharbital and Metabolite, Urine
2863B Methazolamide, Blood
2863SP Methazolamide, Serum/Plasma
2863U Methazolamide, Urine
2887B Methemoglobin, Blood
2892B Methimazole, Blood
2892SP Methimazole, Serum/Plasma
2900B Methocarbamol, Blood
2900FL Methocarbamol, Fluid
2900SP Methocarbamol, Serum/Plasma
2930B Methoxychlor, Blood
2950B Methsuximide as Metabolite, Blood
2950SP Methsuximide as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2970B Methyl Bromide as Metabolite, Blood
2970SP Methyl Bromide as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2970U Methyl Bromide as Metabolite, Urine
2990B Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Blood
2990SP Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Serum/Plasma
2990U Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Urine
2982B Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, Blood
2982U Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, Urine
2984U Methyl n-Butyl Ketone Exposure Monitoring, Urine
2980B Methyl n-Butyl Ketone, Blood
2051B Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether and Metabolite, Blood
2051SP Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2051U Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether and Metabolite, Urine
2050B Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, Blood
2050SP Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, Serum/Plasma
2986U Methylenedianiline, Urine
2584B Methylenedioxyamphetamine, Blood
2584SP Methylenedioxyamphetamine, Serum/Plasma
2584U Methylenedioxyamphetamine, Urine
2585B Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite, Blood
2585SP Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2585U Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and Metabolite, Urine
2292U n-Hexane Exposure Monitoring, Urine
2320B Volatiles Panel, Blood
2320SP Volatiles Panel, Serum/Plasma
2320TI Volatiles Panel, Tissue
2320U Volatiles Panel, Urine
2478U Zolpidem and Metabolites, Urine
2483B Zolpidem, Blood
2483FL Zolpidem, Fluid
2483SP Zolpidem, Serum/Plasma
2483TI Zolpidem, Tissue

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