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Analysis Code Test Name
3124B 1-Naphthol, Blood
3124SP 1-Naphthol, Serum/Plasma
3124U 1-Naphthol, Urine
3780B Alpha-Pinene, Blood
3101U Benzene Metabolites Panel, Urine
3227B Beta-Blockers Panel, Blood
3227SP Beta-Blockers Panel, Serum/Plasma
3227U Beta-Blockers Panel, Urine
3157U Cotinine and Anabasine from Secondary Exposure, Urine
3012B Methotrimeprazine, Blood
3012SP Methotrimeprazine, Serum/Plasma
3005B Methylchloroform Exposure, Blood
3005SP Methylchloroform Exposure, Serum/Plasma
3006U Methylchloroform, Urine
3020B Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Blood
3020SP Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3020TI Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Tissue
3020U Methylphenidate and Metabolite, Urine
3036U Methyltin, Urine
3041B Metoclopramide, Blood
3041SP Metoclopramide, Serum/Plasma
3041U Metoclopramide, Urine
3042B Metolazone, Blood
3042SP Metolazone, Serum/Plasma
3043B Metoprolol, Blood
3043FL Metoprolol, Fluid
3043SP Metoprolol, Serum/Plasma
3043U Metoprolol, Urine
3048SP Metribuzin, Serum/Plasma
3050B Metronidazole, Blood
3050SP Metronidazole, Serum/Plasma
3055B Mexiletine, Blood
3055SP Mexiletine, Serum/Plasma
3057U Midazolam as Metabolite, Urine
3057B Midazolam, Blood
3057FL Midazolam, Fluid
3057SP Midazolam, Serum/Plasma
3061B Milnacipran, Blood
3061SP Milnacipran, Serum/Plasma
3061U Milnacipran, Urine
3066B Mineral Profile, Blood
3066R Mineral Profile, RBCs
3066SP Mineral Profile, Serum/Plasma
3075B Mirtazapine, Blood
3075SP Mirtazapine, Serum/Plasma
3075U Mirtazapine, Urine
3059B Mitotane, Blood
3059SP Mitotane, Serum/Plasma
3078U Mitragynine (Qualitative), Urine
3064B Mitragynine, Blood
3064SP Mitragynine, Serum/Plasma
3081U MOCA and MDA Exposure Profile, Urine
3080U MOCA, Urine
3045B Modafinil, Blood
3045SP Modafinil, Serum/Plasma
3082B Molindone, Blood
3082SP Molindone, Serum/Plasma
3082U Molindone, Urine
3090B Molybdenum, Blood
3090H Molybdenum, Hair
3090R Molybdenum, RBCs
3090SP Molybdenum, Serum/Plasma
3090U Molybdenum, Urine
3098U Mono-n-butyl phthalate (MNBP), Urine
3092SP Moricizine, Serum/Plasma
3085B Morphine and Glucuronide Metabolites, Blood
3085SP Morphine and Glucuronide Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
3063SP Mycophenolic Acid and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3060U N,N-Dimethylacetamide Exposure (N-Methylacetamide), Urine
3070U N,N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) Exposure (N-Monomethylformamide), Urine
3107B Nabumetone as Metabolite, Blood
3107SP Nabumetone as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3107U Nabumetone as Metabolite, Urine
3103B Nadolol, Blood
3103SP Nadolol, Serum/Plasma
3103U Nadolol, Urine
3110B Nalbuphine - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
3110SP Nalbuphine - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
3110U Nalbuphine - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
3111B Naloxone - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
3111SP Naloxone - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
3113U Naloxone - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated) Screen, Urine
3111U Naloxone - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
3116B Naltrexone and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
3116SP Naltrexone and Metabolite - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
3116U Naltrexone and Metabolite - Total (Conjugated/Unconjugated), Urine
3122B Naphthalene and Metabolite, Blood
3122SP Naphthalene and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3123B Naphthalene, Blood
3123SP Naphthalene, Serum/Plasma
3123U Naphthalene, Urine
3130B Naproxen, Blood
3130FL Naproxen, Fluid
3130SP Naproxen, Serum/Plasma
3130U Naproxen, Urine
3118B Nateglinide, Blood
3118SP Nateglinide, Serum/Plasma
3143B NBOMe (Qualitative), Blood
3143SP NBOMe (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
3143U NBOMe (Qualitative), Urine
3145B Nefazodone, Blood
3145SP Nefazodone, Serum/Plasma
3145U Nefazodone, Urine
3140B Nickel, Blood
3140FL Nickel, Fluid
3140H Nickel, Hair
3140N Nickel, Nails
3140R Nickel, RBCs
3140SP Nickel, Serum/Plasma
3140TI Nickel, Tissue
3140U Nickel, Urine
3150U Nicotine and Metabolite with Anabasine, Urine
3150B Nicotine and Metabolite, Blood
3150FL Nicotine and Metabolite, Fluid
3150SP Nicotine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3150TI Nicotine and Metabolite, Tissue
3158B Nifedipine, Blood
3158SP Nifedipine, Serum/Plasma
3175B Nitrazepam and Metabolite, Blood
3175SP Nitrazepam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3175U Nitrazepam and Metabolite, Urine
3214B Nitrous Oxide, Blood
3214TI Nitrous Oxide, Tissue
3223B Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Panel, Blood
3223SP Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Panel, Serum/Plasma
3223U Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Panel, Urine
3216B Nordiazepam and Metabolite, Blood
3216SP Nordiazepam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3216U Nordiazepam and Metabolite, Urine
3220B Nortriptyline, Blood
3220SP Nortriptyline, Serum/Plasma
3220TI Nortriptyline, Tissue
3220U Nortriptyline, Urine
3225B Nuedexta®, Blood
3225SP Nuedexta®, Serum/Plasma
3226B Olanzapine, Blood
3226FL Olanzapine, Fluid
3226SP Olanzapine, Serum/Plasma
3226TI Olanzapine, Tissue
3232B Omeprazole, Blood
3232SP Omeprazole, Serum/Plasma
3241B Opiates - Free (Unconjugated), Blood (Forensic)
3236B Opiates Screen, Blood
3236FL Opiates Screen, Fluid
3236SP Opiates Screen, Serum/Plasma
3236TI Opiates Screen, Tissue
3236U Opiates Screen, Urine
3243B Organochlorine Pesticides, Blood
3243F Organochlorine Pesticides, Fat
3243SP Organochlorine Pesticides, Serum/Plasma
3243TI Organochlorine Pesticides, Tissue
3245U Organophosphate Pesticide Metabolites, Urine
3248B Orphenadrine, Blood
3248SP Orphenadrine, Serum/Plasma
3248U Orphenadrine, Urine
3250SP Oxalate, Serum/Plasma
3250U Oxalate, Urine
3286B Oxaprozin, Blood
3286SP Oxaprozin, Serum/Plasma
3260B Oxazepam, Blood
3260SP Oxazepam, Serum/Plasma
3260U Oxazepam, Urine
3265B Oxcarbazepine / Eslicarbazepine Acetate as Metabolite, Blood
3265SP Oxcarbazepine / Eslicarbazepine Acetate as Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3266B Oxybutynin, Blood
3266SP Oxybutynin, Serum/Plasma
3266U Oxybutynin, Urine
3270B Oxycodone - Free (Unconjugated), Blood
3270FL Oxycodone - Free (Unconjugated), Fluid
3270SP Oxycodone - Free (Unconjugated), Serum/Plasma
3292B Palladium, Blood
3292SP Palladium, Serum/Plasma
3292U Palladium, Urine
3300B Papaverine, Blood
3300SP Papaverine, Serum/Plasma
3310B Paraldehyde and Metabolite, Blood
3310SP Paraldehyde and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3310U Paraldehyde and Metabolite, Urine
3320SP Paramethadione, Serum/Plasma
3325B Paraquat, Blood
3325SP Paraquat, Serum/Plasma
3360B Paroxetine, Blood
3360FL Paroxetine, Fluid
3360SP Paroxetine, Serum/Plasma
3360TI Paroxetine, Tissue
3360U Paroxetine, Urine
3371SP PCB Panel, Congeners, Serum/Plasma
3380B Pemoline, Blood
3380SP Pemoline, Serum/Plasma
3381SP Penciclovir, Serum/Plasma
3385B Pentachlorophenol, Blood
3385SP Pentachlorophenol, Serum/Plasma
3384U Pentachlorophenol, Urine
3400B Pentazocine, Blood
3400SP Pentazocine, Serum/Plasma
3400U Pentazocine, Urine
3410B Pentobarbital, Blood
3410SP Pentobarbital, Serum/Plasma
3410U Pentobarbital, Urine
3415B Pentoxifylline, Blood
3415SP Pentoxifylline, Serum/Plasma
3415U Pentoxifylline, Urine
3433SP Perampanel, Serum/Plasma
3432U Perchloroethylene Exposure, Urine
3435B Percocet®, Blood
3435FL Percocet®, Fluid
3435SP Percocet®, Serum/Plasma
3436B Percodan®, Blood
3436SP Percodan®, Serum/Plasma
3427SP Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), Serum/Plasma
3426B Perfluorooctanoic Acid, Blood
3426SP Perfluorooctanoic Acid, Serum/Plasma
3440B Perphenazine, Blood
3440SP Perphenazine, Serum/Plasma
3510B Phenacetin and Metabolite, Blood
3510U Phenacetin and Metabolite, Urine
3525B Phenazopyridine, Blood
3525SP Phenazopyridine, Serum/Plasma
3525U Phenazopyridine, Urine
3532B Phencyclidine Screen, Blood
3532FL Phencyclidine Screen, Fluid
3532SP Phencyclidine Screen, Serum/Plasma
3532U Phencyclidine Screen, Urine
3550B Phenelzine, Blood
3550SP Phenelzine, Serum/Plasma
3550U Phenelzine, Urine
3560B Pheniramine, Blood
3581SP Phenobarbital - Free, Serum/Plasma
3582SP Phenobarbital - Total/Free/Bound, Serum/Plasma
3580B Phenobarbital, Blood
3580SP Phenobarbital, Serum/Plasma
3621B Phenol - Free and Total, Blood
3621SP Phenol - Free and Total, Serum/Plasma
3621U Phenol Exposure, Urine
3623B Phenol, Free, Blood
3623SP Phenol, Free, Serum/Plasma
3624B Phenol, Total, Blood
3680B Phensuximide, Blood
3680SP Phensuximide, Serum/Plasma
3680U Phensuximide, Urine
3690B Phentermine, Blood
3690SP Phentermine, Serum/Plasma
3690U Phentermine, Urine
3700B Phenylbutazone and Metabolite, Blood
3700SP Phenylbutazone and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3700U Phenylbutazone and Metabolite, Urine
3704SP Phenylephrine, Serum/Plasma
3707B Phenylethylmalonamide, Blood
3707SP Phenylethylmalonamide, Serum/Plasma
3720B Phenylpropanolamine, Blood
3720SP Phenylpropanolamine, Serum/Plasma
3720U Phenylpropanolamine, Urine
3740B Phenyltoloxamine, Blood
3740SP Phenyltoloxamine, Serum/Plasma
3751SP Phenytoin - Total, Serum/Plasma
3743B Phenytoin, Blood
3743FL Phenytoin, Fluid
3743SP Phenytoin, Serum/Plasma
3743TI Phenytoin, Tissue
3765B Phosphorus - Total, Blood
3765FL Phosphorus - Total, Fluid
3765SP Phosphorus - Total, Serum/Plasma
3765ST Phosphorus - Total, Stool
3765U Phosphorus - Total, Urine
3099U Phthalates Panel, Urine
3776B Pimozide, Blood
3776SP Pimozide, Serum/Plasma
3772B Pindolol, Blood
3772SP Pindolol, Serum/Plasma
3779B Pioglitazone, Blood
3779SP Pioglitazone, Serum/Plasma
3781B Piroxicam, Blood
3781SP Piroxicam, Serum/Plasma
3781U Piroxicam, Urine
3783B Platinum, Blood
3783FL Platinum, Fluid
3783R Platinum, RBCs
3783SP Platinum, Serum/Plasma
3783U Platinum, Urine
3790B Posaconazole, Blood
3790SP Posaconazole, Serum/Plasma
3784B Potassium - Total, Blood
3784R Potassium - Total, RBCs
3784SP Potassium - Total, Serum/Plasma
3788B Prazosin, Blood
3788SP Prazosin, Serum/Plasma
3788U Prazosin, Urine
3795B Pregabalin, Blood
3795SP Pregabalin, Serum/Plasma
3795U Pregabalin, Urine
3900B Primidone, Phenobarbital and PEMA, Blood
3900FL Primidone, Phenobarbital and PEMA, Fluid
3900SP Primidone, Phenobarbital and PEMA, Serum/Plasma
3901SP Primidone, Serum/Plasma
3932B Procainamide and Metabolite, Blood
3932SP Procainamide and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3950B Prochlorperazine, Blood
3950SP Prochlorperazine, Serum/Plasma
3957B Procyclidine, Blood
3957SP Procyclidine, Serum/Plasma
3957U Procyclidine, Urine
3960B Promazine, Blood
3960U Promazine, Urine
3970B Promethazine, Blood
3970SP Promethazine, Serum/Plasma
3970TI Promethazine, Tissue
3970U Promethazine, Urine
3976B Propafenone, Blood
3976SP Propafenone, Serum/Plasma
3974B Propane, Blood
3974TI Propane, Tissue
3975B Propanol, n-, Blood
3975SP Propanol, n-, Serum/Plasma
3975U Propanol, n-, Urine
3990B Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Blood
3990FL Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Fluid
3990SP Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
3990U Propoxyphene and Metabolite, Urine
3475U S-Phenylmercapturic Acid, Urine
3230B Symbyax®, Blood
3230SP Symbyax®, Serum/Plasma
3100U t,t-Muconic Acid, Urine
3430B Tetrachloroethylene, Blood
3135SP Vitamin K, Serum/Plasma

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