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Analysis Code Test Name
3100U t,t-Muconic Acid, Urine
7667SP T3 - Total, Serum/Plasma
7669SP T4 - Total, Serum/Plasma
4305B Tacrine, Blood
4305SP Tacrine, Serum/Plasma
4306B Tacrolimus, Blood
4297B Tadalafil, Blood
4297SP Tadalafil, Serum/Plasma
4300B Talbutal, Blood
4303U Talwin® Nx, Urine
4311B Tamoxifen and Metabolites, Blood
4311SP Tamoxifen and Metabolites, Serum/Plasma
4312B Tapentadol - Free, Blood
4312SP Tapentadol - Free, Serum/Plasma
9570U Tapentadol Screen, Urine
4320B Tellurium, Blood
4320SP Tellurium, Serum/Plasma
4320U Tellurium, Urine
4323B Temazepam and Metabolite, Blood
4323SP Temazepam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4323U Temazepam and Metabolite, Urine
4329B Terazosin, Blood
4329SP Terazosin, Serum/Plasma
4326SP Terbutaline, Serum/Plasma
4367B Teriflunomide (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Blood
4367SP Teriflunomide (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring), Serum/Plasma
4366B Teriflunomide (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), Blood
4366SP Teriflunomide (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), Serum/Plasma
4327B Terpineol, Blood
4327SP Terpineol, Serum/Plasma
4327U Terpineol, Urine
7601SP Testosterone, Free and Total, Serum/Plasma
7602SP Testosterone, Free, Total and Bioavailable, Serum/Plasma
7603SP Testosterone, Total and Bioavailable, Serum/Plasma
7600SP Testosterone, Total, Serum/Plasma
4333B Tetrachloroethane, Blood
4333U Tetrachloroethane, Urine
3430B Tetrachloroethylene, Blood
1611B Tetrafluoroethane and Difluoroethane Panel, Blood
4355B Tetrahydrofuran, Blood
4355SP Tetrahydrofuran, Serum/Plasma
4355U Tetrahydrofuran, Urine
4350B Tetrahydrozoline, Blood
4350SP Tetrahydrozoline, Serum/Plasma
4350U Tetrahydrozoline, Urine
4370B Thallium, Blood
4370H Thallium, Hair
4370LI Thallium, Liquid
4370N Thallium, Nails
4370SP Thallium, Serum/Plasma
4370U Thallium, Urine
9272B Thebaine Screen, Blood
9272U Thebaine Screen, Urine
4376B Thebaine, Blood
4378SP Thenyldiamine, Serum/Plasma
4380B Theobromine, Blood
4380SP Theobromine, Serum/Plasma
4380U Theobromine, Urine
4387B Theophylline, Blood
4387SP Theophylline, Serum/Plasma
4387U Theophylline, Urine
6945H Therapeutic and Drugs of Abuse Screen, Hair
4440SP Thiocyanate, Serum/Plasma
4440U Thiocyanate, Urine
9419B Thiopental and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9419SP Thiopental and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
4450B Thiopental and Metabolite, Blood
8636B Thiopental and Metabolite, Blood
8636SP Thiopental and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4450SP Thiopental and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
9427B Thioridazine and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9427SP Thioridazine and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
4461B Thioridazine and Metabolite, Blood
8689B Thioridazine and Metabolite, Blood
8689SP Thioridazine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4461SP Thioridazine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4461U Thioridazine and Metabolite, Urine
4472SP Thiosulfate, Serum/Plasma
4472U Thiosulfate, Urine
9276B Thiothixene (Cis Isomer) Screen, Blood
9276SP Thiothixene (Cis Isomer) Screen, Serum/Plasma
9276U Thiothixene (Cis Isomer) Screen, Urine
4469B Thiothixene (Cis Isomer), Blood
4469SP Thiothixene (Cis Isomer), Serum/Plasma
4469U Thiothixene (Cis Isomer), Urine
4478SP Thorium, Serum/Plasma
4478U Thorium, Urine
4480B Thymol, Blood
4480SP Thymol, Serum/Plasma
4480U Thymol, Urine
7664SP Thyroid Hormone Panel- Total, Serum/Plasma
4479B Tiagabine, Blood
4479SP Tiagabine, Serum/Plasma
4395B Ticlopidine, Blood
4395SP Ticlopidine, Serum/Plasma
4481B Tiletamine, Blood
4481SP Tiletamine, Serum/Plasma
4482B Timolol, Blood
4482SP Timolol, Serum/Plasma
4485B Tin - Total, Blood
4485H Tin - Total, Hair
4485SP Tin - Total, Serum/Plasma
4485U Tin - Total, Urine
4486H Titanium, Hair
4486B Titanium, Blood
4486FL Titanium, Fluid
4486SP Titanium, Serum/Plasma
4486TI Titanium, Tissue
4486U Titanium, Urine
4487B Tizanidine, Blood
4487SP Tizanidine, Serum/Plasma
9278U Tocainide Screen, Urine
4488SP Tocainide, Serum/Plasma
4489B Tofacitinib, Blood
4489SP Tofacitinib, Serum/Plasma
4490SP Tolazamide, Serum/Plasma
4500SP Tolbutamide, Serum/Plasma
4505B Tolmetin, Blood
4505SP Tolmetin, Serum/Plasma
4513U Toluene Exposure, Urine
4510B Toluene, Blood
4519B Topiramate, Blood
4519FL Topiramate, Fluid
4519SP Topiramate, Serum/Plasma
4519U Topiramate, Urine
4525B Torsemide, Blood
4525SP Torsemide, Serum/Plasma
0470UH Total, Inorganic Arsenic, 24 Hour Urine (+Creatinine)
9288B Tramadol and Metabolite Screen, Blood
9288FL Tramadol and Metabolite Screen, Fluid
9288SP Tramadol and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
4531B Tramadol and Metabolite, Blood
4531SP Tramadol and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4533U Tramadol and Metabolite, Urine
7078B Tramadol Metabolizer Status, Blood - Send Out
9287U Tramadol Screen, Urine
9282B Trazodone Screen, Blood
9282SP Trazodone Screen, Serum/Plasma
9282U Trazodone Screen, Urine
4535B Trazodone, Blood
4535FL Trazodone, Fluid
4535SP Trazodone, Serum/Plasma
4535TI Trazodone, Tissue
4535U Trazodone, Urine
4540B Triamterene, Blood
4540SP Triamterene, Serum/Plasma
4543B Triazolam and Metabolite, Blood
4543SP Triazolam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4624B Trichloroacetic Acid, Blood
4624SP Trichloroacetic Acid, Serum/Plasma
4624U Trichloroacetic Acid, Urine
4618B Trichlorobenzenes, Blood
4640B Trichloroethanol - Free, Blood
4640SP Trichloroethanol - Free, Serum/Plasma
4658U Trichloroethylene Exposure, Urine
4650B Trichloroethylene, Blood
4650SP Trichloroethylene, Serum/Plasma
4653SP Triclopyr, Serum/Plasma
4660B Trifluoperazine, Blood
4660SP Trifluoperazine, Serum/Plasma
8691B Triflupromazine, Blood
4680B Trihexyphenidyl, Blood
4680SP Trihexyphenidyl, Serum/Plasma
4680U Trihexyphenidyl, Urine
9289SP Trimethadione and Metabolite Screen, Serum/Plasma
4700B Trimethadione and Metabolite, Blood
4700SP Trimethadione and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4700U Trimethadione and Metabolite, Urine
4702B Trimethobenzamide, Blood
4702SP Trimethobenzamide, Serum/Plasma
4704B Trimethoprim, Blood
4704SP Trimethoprim, Serum/Plasma
4704U Trimethoprim, Urine
4706B Trimipramine and Metabolite, Blood
8708B Trimipramine and Metabolite, Blood
8708SP Trimipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4706SP Trimipramine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
4706U Trimipramine and Metabolite, Urine
8708U Trimipramine and Metabolite, Urine
9302SP Tripelennamine Screen, Serum/Plasma
4710B Tripelennamine, Blood
4710U Tripelennamine, Urine
4720B Triprolidine, Blood
4720SP Triprolidine, Serum/Plasma
4730B Tungsten, Blood
4730SP Tungsten, Serum/Plasma
4730U Tungsten, Urine

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