Beyond the Standard: Testing for a Wide Range of Applications

NMS Labs performs proficiency testing to verify, or certify, concentrations of standard reference materials used in various applications for which they are designed.

Our portfolio of products and testing services supports a wide range of sectors including:

Pharmaceutical actives and excipients Medical device diagnostics
Elemental analysis Physical standards
Food and beverage Forensic and clinical
Solvents Sera and Fluids
Stability Product integrity and counterfeit


Reference Materials

Value Assignment Process

NMS Labs receives a variety of sample formats with known or “masked” concentrations, performs precision analyses, as requested, and quantifies the concentration results for your reference material.

If you do not have a test method for your reference materials, NMS Labs can develop one for you, validated to the standards that apply on the appropriate instrument type, such as HPLC, UPLC, GC, Mass Spec, UV, ICP, ELISA, EMIT, and more

Contract Research Organizations