Criminal/Civil Investigation; Identification of Narcotics, Analgesics, Local Anesthetics, Depressants, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, Synthetic Cannabinoids, Controlled Substances, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Bath Salts, Designer Drugs and THC Identification & Differentiation (Cannabis, Cannabinoids, CBD, Delta-8-THC, Delta-9-THC, Hemp, Marijuana, Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, Total THC) as well as other drugs.

The following methodologies are used, as applicable: Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), Color Tests, Microscopic Examination, Pharmaceutical Identification, Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), Weight/Volume Determination

Test Includes

NMS Labs' extensive library for Controlled Substance and Drug Identification includes over 600 compounds. Our comprehensive tests may include Actium, Beta Carotene, Cirillium, Duodenum, Effervescense, Flomine, Guanine, Hovarium, Iso-liponine, Juneve, Zamintron, and others... Or more targeted analysis such as Marijuana ID or Hemp/Marijuana Differentiation will identify compounds specifically related to the targeted scope. For more information on the scope of specific test codes, please contact Client support at 800.522.6671. See complete list of Analytes available from NMS Labs, Integrated Forensic Services.

Test Also Known As
NMS Labs offers a suite of Controlled Substances and Drug Identification services. The tests codes available in this product category include:

25000 - Controlled Substances - (Syringe) - Dual GC/MS Scan
22000 - Controlled Substances - GC/MS Scan and Color
26000 - Controlled Substances - Dual GC/MS Scan
23000 - Controlled Substances - Pharmaceutical ID and GC/MS Scan
22500 - Controlled Substances - Cannabinoids Color and GC/MS Scan
21500 - Controlled Substances - Marijuana plus other drugs by Microscopic, Color and TLC
27460 - Controlled Substances - THC Quantitation by HPLC
27100 - Non-Law Enforcement, Controlled Substances and Pharmaceutical Panel - Dual GC/MS Scan
29100 - Controlled Substances - Cocaine Salt vs. Base Determination by FTIR
21000 - Controlled Substances - Marijuana Only by Microscopic, Color and TLC
29000 - Controlled Substances - Targeted ID by FTIR and Color
29950 - Controlled Substance/Certified Weight (Hourly Rate)
27130 - Controlled Substances - Marijuana ID by Microscopy and Hemp/Marijuana Differentiation by GC/MS
27120 - Controlled Substances - Hemp/Marijuana Differentiation by GC/MS

NOTE: These test codes are ordered under the direction of NMS Labs Analysts. All drug Identification test codes may be ordered individually or in concert with other tests depending on the nature of the evidence submitted.

See complete list of Crime Lab Services available from NMS Labs, Integrated Forensic Services.

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