Enhancing Healthcare Through Specialized Services

NMS Labs is the nation’s premier independent provider of laboratory testing services, specializing in clinical toxicology and other vitally important areas of esoteric diagnostics testing. These outstanding services can help enhance your diagnosis, care, and even your patient’s treatment.

With prescription and illicit drug use on the rise in the United States, high-quality clinical and toxicology testing from NMS Labs will help hospitals effectively and efficiently manage patients. High-complexity and LC-MS/MS confirmatory services require significant capital investment and scientific expertise and are typically not performed in high volumes in a hospital laboratory.

Benefits of Outsourcing Clinical and Toxicology Testing Services

  • Hospital laboratories can focus on the clinical assays that require a fast-turnaround time to improve patients’ clinical outcomes
  • Retain control over test menu and utilization
  • Hospitals can continue to focus on outreach services
  • Maintain clinical satisfaction with access to professional consultative services in laboratory medicine
  • Maintain or improve cost efficiency with focus on clinical tests that make a difference

NMS Labs offers a wide range of diagnostic tests and expertise, with a focus toward specialty areas such as:

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Innovative Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies such as LC-MS/MS, ICP/MS, cell-based assays, and the highest quality instrumentation available.


Our capabilities cover unique sample types, including tissues and all biological fluids.

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