Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigation

Testing and Interpreting Reports

NMS Labs offers industry-leading analytical testing services along with the interpretation of report results.

The proven advantages of partnering with NMS Labs’ scientific leadership include:

  • Accurate high-quality testing results designed to meet the forensic burden of proof
  • Backlog reduction capabilities
  • Case Report interpretation

Turn to our criminal investigation labs for cases that require specialization in illicit drug testing, and toxicology testing. NMS can also provide consultations across the full scope of investigations.

Examples include sample collection, scope of analytical testing requirements, interpretation of results, and evidence storage.

For assistance in forensic criminal investigations, call 1-866-522-2216 or contact us at our Forensics email.

See our Crime Labs and Attorneys services for more detail on support for criminal investigations.

Icon of a packet of illicit drugs
Drug Chemistry

NMS Labs offers testing for the identification and quantitation of controlled substances, pharmaceutical preparations, and unknown substances.

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DUI/DUID Toxicology

NMS Labs offers testing for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID).