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Effective Date Test Code and Description
3/16/2021 0010U 2-fluoro Deschloroketamine and Deschloroketamine (Qualitative), Urine
3/16/2021 0010B 2-fluoro Deschloroketamine and Deschloroketamine (Qualitative), Blood
3/16/2021 0010SP 2-fluoro Deschloroketamine and Deschloroketamine (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
3/16/2021 0014B 3-MeO-PCP and 3-hydroxy-PCP (Qualitative), Blood
3/16/2021 0014SP 3-MeO-PCP and 3-hydroxy-PCP (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
3/16/2021 0014U 3-MeO-PCP and 3-hydroxy-PCP (Qualitative), Urine
3/16/2021 3224B NPS Stimulants (Qualitative), Blood
3/16/2021 3224SP NPS Stimulants (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
3/16/2021 3224U NPS Stimulants (Qualitative), Urine
3/3/2021 1269SP Clobazam and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
2/11/2021 8083B Postmortem, Basic w/ Vitreous Alcohol and 6-MAM Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
2/11/2021 8084B Postmortem, Expanded w/ Vitreous Alcohol and 6-MAM Confirmation, Blood (Forensic)
11/20/2020 1439B Dantrolene, Blood
11/12/2020 3500 FL pH, Gastric Fluid (Forensic)
9/3/2020 1022B Eutylone, Blood
3/25/2019 4472B Thiosulfate, Blood
3/25/2019 4440B Thiocyanate, Blood
3/4/2019 2538U Loxapine, Urine
2/25/2019 2458SP Isotretinoin and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1/7/2019 2055B Ethylene Glycol Overexposure Profile, Blood
1/7/2019 2134B Formic Acid, Blood
1/7/2019 2837B Methanol Poisoning Profile, Blood
11/15/2018 3752B Phosphatidylethanol, Blood
10/1/2018 6110U Cadmium Exposure Profile (OSHA), Urine
9/28/2018 0718SP Brivaracetam, Serum/Plasma
9/28/2018 0718B Brivaracetam, Blood
7/9/2018 9146U Ethyl Glucuronide Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
4/12/2018 0413B Brodifacoum (Qualitative), Blood
2/6/2018 0966SP Cannabis Plus Recent Use Markers, S/P
2/6/2018 0966B Cannabis Plus Recent Use Markers, Blood
1/3/2018 4283U Synthetic Cannabinoid Metabolites - Expanded, Urine (Qualitative)
11/14/2017 1487B Methoxyacetyl fentanyl, cis/trans 3-Methylfentanyl, Cyclopropyl fentanyl (Quantitative Forensic Investigation), Blood
11/4/2017 0716SP Brexpiprazole, Serum/Plasma
6/24/2017 3427SP Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), Serum/Plasma
6/14/2017 1480U Designer Opioids (2017 Scope) (Qualitative)
6/13/2017 0965SP Recent Cannabis Use Markers, S/P
6/13/2017 0965B Recent Cannabis Use Markers, Blood
6/7/2017 8062TI Postmortem, Expanded, Tissue (Forensic)
6/7/2017 8062FL Postmortem, Expanded, Fluid (Forensic)
5/12/2017 0570U Designer Benzodiazepines, Urine
2/27/2017 4282SP Synthetic Cannabinoids (Qualitative) (2017 Scope), Serum/Plasma
1/20/2017 1480SP Designer Opioids (2017 Scope), Srm/Plsma
1/20/2017 1480B Designer Opioids (2017 Scope), Blood
1/6/2017 9351UC Basic Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
1/6/2017 9352UC Expanded Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
12/14/2016 3245U Organophosphate Pesticide Metabolites, Urine
10/27/2016 1486SP Carfentanil, Furanyl Fentanyl, and U-47700 (Quantitative Forensic Investigation), Serum/Plasma
10/27/2016 1486B Carfentanil, Furanyl Fentanyl, and U-47700 (Quantitative Forensic Investigation), Blood
10/14/2016 3064SP Mitragynine, Serum/Plasma
10/14/2016 3064B Mitragynine, Blood
10/10/2016 8098SP Drug Screen (GC/MS), Serum/Plasma
10/4/2016 0570SP Designer Benzodiazepines, S/P (Forensic)
10/4/2016 0570B Designer Benzodiazepines, Bld (Forensic)
8/31/2016 8054B Postmortem, Expanded w/NPS, Blood (Forensic)
8/27/2016 2533SP Loperamide and Metabolite, S/P
8/27/2016 2533B Loperamide and Metabolite, Blood
6/28/2016 9145UC Comprehensive Drug Screen, Umbilical Cord Tissue
5/26/2016 2457SP Isavuconazole, Serum/Plasma
4/1/2016 0939B Calcium - Total, Blood (Forensic)
2/11/2016 6604S Borrelia burgdorferi total Ab by ELISA with reflex to IgG and IgM by Western Blot (Early Disease)
2/11/2016 6605S Borrelia burgdorferi total Ab by ELISA with reflex to IgG by Western Blot (Late Disease)
2/11/2016 6602S Borrelia burgdorferi Antibody, IgM by Western Blot, Serum
2/11/2016 6603S Borrelia burgdorferi Antibody, IgG and IgM by Western Blot, Serum
2/11/2016 6600S Borrelia burgdorferi Antibodies, Total by ELISA, Serum
2/11/2016 6601S Borrelia burgdorferi Antibody, IgG by Western Blot, Serum
11/12/2015 7177SL Quantitation of THC, THCA, CBD and CBN in Botanical Material by HPLC-DAD, Solid
8/25/2015 4127ME Suboxone® - Total (Qualitative), Meconium
8/25/2015 9206U Dextrorphan / Levorphanol Screen - Total, U
8/20/2015 4236B Suvorexant, Blood
8/20/2015 4236SP Suvorexant, Serum/Plasma
8/19/2015 2500SP Leptin, Serum/Plasma
8/17/2015 1021U Substituted Cathinone Panel, Urine
8/17/2015 1021B Substituted Cathinone Panel, Blood
8/17/2015 1021SP Substituted Cathinone Panel, S/P
7/22/2015 3371SP PCB Panel, Congeners, Serum/Plasma
7/14/2015 7658SP Cortisone, Serum/Plasma
7/14/2015 7659SP Cortisol and Cortisone, Serum/Plasma
6/10/2015 8210U Novel Psychoactive Substances Expanded
6/10/2015 8210B Novel Psychoactive Substances Expanded
6/10/2015 8210SP Novel Psychoactive Substances Expanded
6/10/2015 1485B Designer Opioids, Blood
6/10/2015 1485SP Designer Opioids, Serum/Plasma
5/8/2015 4489SP Tofacitinib, Serum/Plasma
5/8/2015 4489B Tofacitinib, Blood
2/4/2015 4102SP Rosiglitazone, Serum/Plasma
2/4/2015 4101SP Repaglinide, Serum/Plasma
2/4/2015 4102B Rosiglitazone, Blood
2/4/2015 4101B Repaglinide, Blood
2/4/2015 3779SP Pioglitazone, Serum/Plasma
2/4/2015 3118SP Nateglinide, Serum/Plasma
2/4/2015 3779B Pioglitazone, Blood
2/4/2015 3118B Nateglinide, Blood
2/4/2015 2159B Glimepiride, Blood
2/4/2015 2159SP Glimepiride, Serum/Plasma
1/30/2015 3325B Paraquat, Blood
1/30/2015 1789B Diquat, Blood
1/30/2015 1789SP Diquat, Serum/Plasma
1/24/2015 7365SL DNA Analysis, Data Pack
12/5/2014 7679S Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), Serum
11/7/2014 7311SL DNA Analysis, RapidHIT GlobalFiler Express
10/14/2014 0430U Aromatic Solvents Metabolites Panel 2, Urine
10/10/2014 1876SP Drug Screen - Expanded, Serum/Plasma
10/10/2014 1876FL Drug Screen - Expanded, Fluid
7/16/2014 7360SL DNA Analysis, Y-STR (Databasing/Property Crime)
7/16/2014 7361SL Legal Paternity Testing (STR Analysis)
7/16/2014 7358SL Kinship Analysis (STR Analysis
7/16/2014 7359 DNA Analysis, Autosomal STR (Databasing/Property Crime)
7/16/2014 7357SL DNA Analysis, Y-STR (Reference)
7/16/2014 7356SL DNA Analysis, Minifiler (Casework
7/16/2014 8150B ProofPOSITIVE® Drug Impaired Driving/DRE Toxicology Panel
7/16/2014 8151B ProofPOSITIVE® Drug Impaired Driving/DRE ToxicologyPanel (with Alcohol)
6/26/2014 4047SP Pyrrolidinophenone Panel, Serum/Plasma
6/26/2014 4047B Pyrrolidinophenone Panel, Blood
6/26/2014 4046SP Pyrrolidinophenone Panel (Qualitative), S/P
6/26/2014 4046B Pyrrolidinophenone Panel (Qualitative), Bld
6/14/2014 7678P Plasma Renin Activity, Plasma
5/28/2014 7679S Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), Serum
5/9/2014 2428U Iodine - Total, Urine
5/9/2014 2428SP Iodine, Serum/Plasma
4/24/2014 4791SP Vortioxetine, Serum/Plasma
3/29/2014 3143B NBOMe (Qualitative), Blood
3/29/2014 3143SP NBOMe (Qualitative), Serum/Plasma
2/22/2014 4367 Teriflunomide (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring)
2/22/2014 4366 Teriflunomide (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
2/22/2014 2531 Leflunomide as Metabolite (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring)
2/22/2014 2532 Leflunomide as Metabolite (Pre-Pregnancy Monitoring)
2/11/2014 3143U NBOMe (Qualitative), Urine
1/21/2014 7677P Catecholamines, Fractionated & Free
1/21/2014 7676P Norepinephrine - Free, Plasma
1/21/2014 7674P Dopamine - Free, Plasma
1/21/2014 7675P Epinephrine - Free, Plasma
1/21/2014 7673P Catecholamines, Fractionated & Free
1/8/2014 0775B Budesonide, Serum/Plasma
10/16/2013 1290UH Cobalt, 24 Hour Urine
10/4/2013 9190FL Ketoacidosis Screen, Fluid
10/4/2013 9190B Ketoacidosis Screen, Blood
10/3/2013 7079B Oxycodone Metabolizer Status, Blood
10/3/2013 7077B Codeine Metabolizer Status, Blood
10/3/2013 7078B Tramadol Metabolizer Status, Blood
8/30/2013 2665B Mercaptopurine and Metabolites, Blood
8/13/2013 9568U Synthetic Cannabinoid Metabolites Screen 2, Urine
7/31/2013 4519TI Topiramate, Tissue
7/31/2013 4125B Rufinamide, Blood
7/31/2013 4519FL Topiramate, Fluid
7/23/2013 2022SP Eplerenone, Serum/Plasma
7/19/2013 0205U Acetyl Fentanyl, Urine
7/19/2013 0205SP Acetyl Fentanyl, Serum/Plasma
7/19/2013 8088B Qsymia®, Blood
7/19/2013 8088SP Qsymia®, Serum/Plasma
7/19/2013 0205B Acetyl Fentanyl, Blood
7/13/2013 9105U Acetyl Fentanyl Screen, Urine
7/13/2013 9105SP Acetyl Fentanyl Screen, Serum/Plasma
7/13/2013 9105B Acetyl Fentanyl Screen, Blood
7/13/2013 0505SP Bedaquiline, Serum/Plasma
7/2/2013 9005OF Drug Impaired Driving/DRE Toxicology Panel (Qualitative), Oral Fluid
6/11/2013 0245SP Alpha PVP, Serum/Plasma
6/11/2013 0245U Alpha PVP, Urine
6/11/2013 0245B Alpha PVP, Blood
5/18/2013 0448SP Apixaban, Serum/Plasma
5/18/2013 4114SP Rivaroxaban, Serum/Plasma
5/16/2013 0078SP 5-Fluorouracil and Metabolite, S/P
5/1/2013 0110SP 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D, Serum/Plasma
4/24/2013 3135SP Vitamin K, Serum/Plasma
3/21/2013 1495SP Desomorphine, Serum/Plasma
3/21/2013 2345B Hydroflumethiazide, Blood
3/21/2013 1515B Diazoxide, Blood
3/21/2013 1495B Desomorphine, Blood
3/19/2013 0495SP Avanafil, Serum/Plasma
3/19/2013 0495B Avanafil, Blood
3/5/2013 0420FL Betahydroxybutyric Acid, Fluid
3/5/2013 0420B Betahydroxybutyric Acid, Blood
2/18/2013 4525SP Torsemide, Serum/Plasma
2/18/2013 4525B Torsemide, Blood
2/18/2013 4624U Trichloroacetic Acid, Urine
2/14/2013 2397SP Indapamide, Serum/Plasma
2/8/2013 3433SP Perampanel, Serum/Plasma
1/24/2013 9318U Diuretics Screen, Urine
1/4/2013 9235U Phenazepam Screen (Qualitative), Urine
1/4/2013 9235SP Phenazepam Screen (Qualitative), S/P
1/4/2013 9235B Phenazepam Screen (Qualitative), Blood
1/4/2013 9229SP DMAA Screen, Serum/Plasma
1/4/2013 9229B DMAA Screen, Blood
1/4/2013 9229U DMAA Screen, Urine
1/4/2013 0278B DMAA, Blood
1/4/2013 0278U DMAA, Urine
1/4/2013 0278SP DMAA, Serum/Plasma
1/4/2013 4365U Teriflunomide, Urine
1/4/2013 4365SP Teriflunomide, Serum/Plasma
1/4/2013 4365B Teriflunomide, Blood
12/28/2012 4029SP Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), S/P
12/28/2012 4029B Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Blood
12/28/2012 4029U Psilocybin as Psilocin (Qualitative), Urine
1/1/2012 9570U Tapentadol Screen, Urine
1/1/2012 8898OF Drugs of Abuse (6 Panel) (Qualitative), Oral Fluid
1/1/2012 8085U Drug Impaired Driving/DRE Bath Salts Add-On, Urine
1/1/2012 8085SP Drug Impaired Driving/DRE Bath Salts Add-On, S/P
1/1/2012 8065TI Bath Salts Screen (Forensic), Tissue
1/1/2012 8085B Drug Impaired Driving/DRE Bath Salts Add-On, Blood
1/1/2012 8065SP Bath Salts Screen (Forensic), Serum/Plasma
1/1/2012 8065FL Bath Salts Screen (Forensic), Fluid
1/1/2012 2626SP Bath Salts Panel, Serum/Plasma
1/1/2012 8065B Bath Salts Screen (Forensic), Blood
1/1/2012 8065U Bath Salts Screen (Forensic), Urine
1/1/2012 7308SL DNA Analysis, Full Profile (Reference)
1/1/2012 2626B Bath Salts Panel, Blood
1/1/2012 1876U Drug Screen, Expanded, Urine
1/1/2012 1874U Drug Screen (9 Panel), Urine
1/1/2012 1876B Drug Screen, Expanded, Blood
1/1/2012 1874B Drug Screen (9 Panel), Blood
1/1/2012 2092B Fluoride Preservative Determination, Blood
1/1/2012 1935SP Exemestane, Serum/Plasma
1/1/2012 4025SP Ezogabine and Metabolite, Serum/Plasma
1/1/2012 9567OF Synthetic Cannabinoids (qualitative), Oral Fluid
1/1/2012 9564U Synthetic Cannabinoid Metabolites Screen - Basic
1/1/2012 2478U Zolpidem and Metabolites, Urine
1/1/2012 4155SP Sativex®, Serum/Plasma
1/1/2012 4155B Sativex®, Blood
1/1/2012 1902B Duexis®, Blood
1/1/2012 1902SP Duexis®, Serum/Plasma
1/1/2012 2479U Ketamine and Metabolite, Urine
1/1/2012 2527FL Lacosamide, Fluid
1/1/2012 8061TI Postmortem Toxicology-Basic, w/o Alcohol, Tissue
1/1/2012 8756U Bath Salts & Stimulants Designer Drugs-Expanded
1/1/2012 8756SP Bath Salts & Stimulants Designer Drugs-Expanded
1/1/2012 8756B Bath Salts & Stimulants Designer Drugs-Expanded
1/1/2012 3078U Mitragynine and Metabolite (Qualitative), Urine
1/1/2012 1348FL Creatinine (Vitreous), Fluid (Forensic)
1/1/2012 7309SL Post-PCR Cleanup Analysis
1/1/2012 0751SP Bromocriptine, Serum/Plasma