PFAS Human Blood Testing

PFAS human blood testing for workplace exposure to hazardous substances

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Industry and Manufacturing

The safety of your employees is critical and is the reason why biomonitoring for PFAS and other potentially hazardous chemical exposures is a priority…

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Military and Civilian Firefighters

PFAS are everywhere, from AFFF to the chemicals used in turnout gear. Biomonitoring establishes baselines and helps both military and civilian firefighters enact protocols that protect their personnel and limit their future exposure risk…

We’re here to help with your PFAS biomonitoring needs

Biomonitoring for PFAS exposure is important. NMS Labs, a CLIA certified, globally recognized, toxicology laboratory, has become the trusted partner to industry leaders, researchers, and governmental agencies for their exposure monitoring needs.

In 2001, NMS Labs began analyzing human blood serum for PFAS for some of the world's top chemical producers. Since then, our panels have grown to include an array of PFAS compounds prevalent in industrial applications, including aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF).​​​​​

NMS Labs commitment to PFAS and environmental hazards

PFAS is an emerging area for clinical health and concern. Because of this, NMS Labs is committed to staying in the forefront of the science of PFAS by continually investing in innovation, client experience, and expansion of our PFAS panels.


Dan Monahan,
President and Chief Executive Officer
NMS Labs

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NOTE: PFAS blood tests are not for consumer uses and must be ordered through a referring physician or clinical reference laboratory. For details, please contact our Clinical & Research Client Services at 1-866-522-2206 /

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