Hematofluorometry (H)
Suggested CPT Code(s)
New York State Approval Status


Turnaround Time

4 days

Test Includes
1 ZPP Hematofluorometry (H) mcmol/mol heme 0 Biological Marker (Exposure)
2 ZPP (OSHA Converted Units) Hematofluorometry (H) mcg/dL 0

Sample Type
Requested Volume
2 mL
Minimum Volume
0.7 mL
Special Handling
Clotted, hemolyzed or frozen blood specimens are not acceptable. Tubes containing Heparin based anticoagulants are not acceptable.
Sample Container
Royal Blue top tube (Trace metal-free; EDTA)

Additional Collection Instructions

Transport Temperature
Light Protection
Rejection Criteria
Not received Light Protected. Royal Blue top tube (Trace metal-free; Sodium Heparin). Light Green top tube (Lithium Heparin). Green top tube (Sodium Heparin). Tan top tube - glass (Sodium Heparin). Green top tube (Lithium Heparin).

Rejection criteria pertain to clinical sample submissions only.

Room Temperature: Undetermined
Refrigerated: 30 day(s)
Frozen (-20 °C): Undetermined

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