Step 4: Storage, Retention, & Disposal - Crime Lab Submissions

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Handling the Storage, Retention, & Disposal of Evidence

When Will My Evidence Be Discarded?
Unless written authorization to discard evidence is provided, all evidence will be returned upon completion of testing. Evidence will be returned to the originating address unless specified otherwise in writing. Please note for Non-Law Enforcement clients – DEA scheduled controlled substances can only be returned to Law Enforcement or a DEA registrant that is authorized to receive DEA controlled substances. Additional paperwork may be required to process the return.

Can I Request Longer Storage?
To request extended storage of evidence, you must send a written request in advance. Additional three-months storage requires payment on a quarterly basis. Failure to notify the laboratory in writing of a request for storage beyond the routine periods or to provide prepayment for extended storage will be considered authorization to return the evidence. If you have any questions, please contact Client Services at 1-844-276-1182 or